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2nd International Conference on Architecture and Culture of Sustainability City
22 Nov 2015
Bushehr, Iran
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Topic Areas

1. Urban management,planning and sustainable development

  • Future studies on urban management
  • Urban management, urban organizations and urbanization challenges
  • Urban management and tourism development
  • Standards of living, the quality of the urban environment and citizen satisfaction
  • Administrative-executive role of urban management system
  • Management of municipal facilities,promotion of civic culture and urban services networks
  • Patterns of urban development and application of new technologies in the construction industry

2. Urbanism and sustainable urban development

  • Measures, policies, barriers and constraints to urban development
  • New Urbanism (cities and towns), regional -national policies
  • Competent rulers and people s participation in sustainable urban development
  • Sustainable urban development in the world and Iran
  • Tourism development and sustainable urban development
  • New technologies and urban development
  • Modern architecture and Urbanism patterns to save energy

3. Sustainable Architecture

  • Vernacular architecture, patterns and models
  • Urban graphic urban and aesthetics in sustainable architecture
  • Urban and street architectural identity
  • Patterns of sustainable development and its effects
  • Relationship between architecture and sustainable development
  • Intelligent buildings, modern methods, and technologies
  • Renewable energy, climate, and how to consume energy

4. Culture,social sustainability,urban management and architecture

  • Theoretical basics and cultural factors influencing architecture and urbanism
  • Architecture,culture and social behavior
  • Sustainable social - cultural patterns in traditional architecture and urbanism
  • Cultural attachment and architectural and urban projects
  • Informal settlements,cultural challenges and physical and non-physical solutions
  • Cultural abnormalities,social deviations and urban pathologies
  • Urban pollution, psychological, and social security in cities

5. Islamic Iranian Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism

  • Urban development and management patterns in Islamic Iranian city
  • Role of Islamic identity in sustainable architecture and urbanism
  • Localization and its role in urbanism and urban architecture
  • Concept of sustainability in the organization of Islamic Iranian cities
  • Religious teaching role in shaping sustainable architecture and urbanism

6. Development and Sustainability

  • Geological,geotechnical and mining engineering
  • Transport and urban traffic engineering
  • Construction management, project management and value engineering
  • Surveying, Geodesy and Geomatics
  • New technologies,construction materials and industrial buildings
  • Computers, artificial intelligence, and civil engineering
  • Geophysics and dams
  • GIS and civil engineering systems
  • Engineering, demolition and construction management and supervision

7. Structural and seismic upgrading

  • Structural engineering and concrete technology
  • Coordination of structural and architectural forms
  • Urban development and local materials and new structures
  • Structural dynamics and seismic reinforcement
  • Water Resources Engineering, land and maritime and hydraulic structures
  • Analysis and innovation in sustainable construction design (concrete, steel, etc.)
  • New technologies (seismic isolations, dampers, etc.) and seismic improvement of structures
  • Reinforcing and upgrading of urban infrastructures
  • Improving vital artery systems, buildings and bridges
  • Structural safety in underground mines
  • Checking the seismic structures
  • Earthquake effect on space structures, structural materials and special structures
  • Methods of improving and reinforcing the structures
  • Non-building and industrial structures

8. Crisis Management and the Passive Defense in Architecture and urbanism

  • Strategies for the prevention, preparedness, and response to crisis and after crisis
  • Crisis management and reducing the damages caused by the accident and disaster
  • Risk management and effective risk management in the society
  • Vulnerability, construction and upgrade the buildings, arteries and deal with crises and disasters
  • Regional vulnerability maps of high risk urban, rural and industrial populations
  • Costs, risks, calculated risks crisis
  • Geographic information system and crisis, accident, and disaster management

9. Urban landscape and sustainable development

  • Planning principles, design and implementation of the urban landscape
  • Regulations, standards, laws and rules in the urban landscape
  • Ecological principles of urban landscape management
  • Elements of the urban landscape,traditional towns and new towns
  • Urban landscape, culture, dentity and social issues
  • Successful experiences and global perspective of Islamic cities
  • Urban landscape, pathology and challenges

10. Repair,restoration and renovation of cultural monuments and industrial and executive management

  • Reconstruction and renovation of historic monuments in urban innovation
  • Problems and methods of renewal of old urban context
  • Successful experiences of improvement and renovation of historical and cultural contexts
  • Impact of new technology on the construction of urban contexts
  • Old context and informal settlements (Challenges and Solutions)